Gender and Geography Reconsidered

In 2004 the WGSG produced the Gender and Geography Reconsidered CD.


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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Williams, C, Negotiating dominant femininity: Eastern Indonesian migrants and mobile subjectivity, 6-20
  • Trauger, A, Beyond the nature/culture divide: Corporeality, hybridity and feminist geographies of the environment, 21-34
  • Tivers, J, Women and leisure: How much has changed in a quarter of a century?, 35-4
  • Thien, D, Love’s travels and traces: The ‘impossible’ politics of Luce Irigaray, 43-48
  • Roche, C, Doyle, L and Bowlby, S, Reflections on geography and gender, then and now, 49-58
  • Robson, E, Jottings from a travelling feminist geographer, 59-63
  • Raju, S, Teaching and researching the geography of gender: A journey of negotiations and contestation, 64-67
  • Madge, C, Noxolo, P and Raghuram, P, Bodily contours: Geography, metaphor and pregnancy, 68-83
  • Maddrell, A, Complex locations: Historiography, feminism and difference, 84-94
  • Ekinsmyth, C, Elmhirst, R, Holloway, S and Jarvis, H, Love changes all: Making some noise by ‘coming out’ as mothers, 95-107
  • Cefai, S, Negotiating silences, disavowing femininity and the construction of lesbian identities, 108-117
  • Burnett, J, Cudworth, E and Taboukou, M, Women on dérive: Autobiographical explorations of lived spaces, 118-141
  • Buang, A, Discoursing on fundamentalist Muslim women: By whom? For whom?, 142-155
  • Browne, K and Rose, G, An exchange of letters provoked by Luce Irigaray’s I love to you, 156-168
  • Boyer, K, Feminist geography in the archive: Practice and method, 169-174
  • Bondi, L, Power dynamics in feminist classrooms: Making the most of inequalities?, 175-182

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