If you are a member of the RGS-IBG, you can sign up for GFGRG membership using the form at  If you have been a member of the Society for some time, please check that your Research Group membership is up to date by emailing

If you are not a member of RGS-IBG, you are encouraged to make an annual donation towards the work of GFGRG.  The suggested donation is £5 per year, but can be less if this will cause you hardship.  [Members of RGS-IBG are also welcome to make donations towards GFGRG’s work, by the same method, below.]

GFGRG Membership list – updates to your contact details and membership

  • Members of RGS-IBG who have added GFGRG to their membership record: This information is automatically sent by RGS-IBG to the GFGRG Membership Secretary. If you have changed your contact details, it helps if you can update your Jiscmail subscription to your new email address.
  • People who are not members of RGS-IBG: If you have made a donation via the Treasurer, your details will be passed to the Membership Secretary automatically.  If you wish to join and have not made a donation, please contact the Membership Secretary directly.

Mailing list: GFGRG encourages all those on the Jiscmail mailing list to join GFGRG as members.