Collaborative Webinar Series – Energy, Gender, Space

A Collaborative Webinar Series with Energy Geographies Research Group.

The GFGRG have collaborated with the Energy Geographies Research Group to develop a new webinar series. ​Webinars presenting research at the intersection of energy, gender and space will be running from October 2021 to March 2022.

The webinars will be live every Friday during term-time at 13:00-14:30 GMT.

​​Sign up details, and the full programme of events can be found here.

7th December 2021

Gabe Schwarzman

Nostalgic Masculinities in the Decline of Coal and Queer Futures in the Appalachian Coalfields

21st January 2022

Helene Ahlborg, Olufalahan Osunmuyiwa

Reframing power and gender struggles in energy projects as territoriality and place-making

28th January 2022

Saska Petrova, Neil Simcock

The infrastructural politics of energy and gender injustices: norms, expectations and ruptures

4th February 2022

Deepti Chatti

Changing Hearths and Minds in Rural India: Environmental Justice, Energy Transitions, and Climate Change

11th February 2022

Özge Yaka

Fighting for the River: Women’s Resistance against Hydroelectric Power Plants in Turkey

18th February 2022

Shannon Elizabeth Bell, Christine Labuski, Cara Daggett

Toward Feminist Energy Systems: Why Adding Women and Solar Panels is Not Enough

25th February 2022

Rihab Khalid, Maiss Razem

The nexus of gendered practices, energy, and space use: comparative study of middle-class housing in Pakistan and Jordan

4th March 2022

Enora Robin

Achieving just energy transitions in Ghana: intersectional perspective on the potential, tensions and contradictions of off-grid community energy systems

11th March 2022

Raihana Ferdous

Energy access and gender (in)equality in off-grid homes in Bangladesh